Message from the chairman of the board

Message from the chairman of the board

Distinguished members of Iranian dental community

Distinguished members of Iranian dental community;

Professors, dentists, students, dental technicians and oral hygienists;

 managers of manufacturing companies, importer and distributor of dental materials and equipment


What happens  these days in the world of politics, economics and culture of the international community gives us an important message that, while preserving mutual respect with other nations of the world, we must empower ourselves with wisdom and knowledge be able to encounter with the difficulties of the world. Undoubtedly, the role of civil society and NGOs like scientific associations is supreme, and scientific congresses provide an opportunity for our knowledge and empowerment in the service of the people, as well as the establishment of greater contact with our colleagues in other countries. With the support of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Dental Association, the annual congresses of the Iranian Dental Association, which was entitled to EXCIDA, three years ago as a congress brand, are approaching the standards of a major scientific conference with a gentle stance.

Using your feedback at previous congresses, as well as the need for evaluation committees, scientific and executive planning is being conducted to minimize the disadvantages and constraints of congresses. The Board of Directors of the Iranian Dental Association believes that we should turn the EXCIDA congresses into the largest scientific congress of the region. Therefore, I would like to ask you for your sympathetic supports.

EXCIDA 58 has been moved to 16 – 20 April due to some advance schedules and interactions of Ramadan in the coming years. This is a good time to encourage each of our friends and colleagues to register and attend the Congress. If any of us could encourage just one of our friends practicing  abroad to participate the EXCIDA58, along with this great scientific conference, we can bring together a large gathering of Iranian dental practitioners working abroad. The message of each of us to our colleagues is, "I've registered the EXCIDA58, how about you?"

We are waiting for your Passionate company.


Dr. A. Tajernia

IDA chairman

مشاهده مطلب
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